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Jon Bon Jovi’s Hampton Water Is a Total Hit

Jon Bon Jovi’s Hampton Water Is a Total Hit

On Tuesday night, only “Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke to rock legend Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse Bongiovi at the New York launch party for their popular new wine, Hampton Water.

Since the father-son duo teamed up with winemaker Gerard Bertrand for Hampton Water, Jon commented, “We've been named one of the top five rosés in the world in our first year. We’re off and running, that's for sure!”

A New Jersey artist has also created works of art inspired by Hampton Water with sales of the art benefiting Jon’s Soul Foundation. Jon said, “Cey Adams is an artist out of New Jersey who interpreted our great label and did a series of these lithos... to benefit the Soul Foundation. This is great New Jersey artist who we were happy to be able to share his work with the world."

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Art by Cey Adams

Bon Jovi, who along with his band was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, said of the honor, “It was fun… it’s a good weekend. We had the original band back together for a couple of days, old war stories that everybody loved sharing… the other bands, your first manager, your families, it was neat.”

Jon revealed that it took him almost four months to write his acceptance speech, saying, “It was a big speech. It was 35 years in the making. It was a big deal.”

While he was busy wrapping up his tour and didn’t catch the royal wedding, Jon has performed for many royals in the past, sharing, “We did something at Kensington Palace for our foundation and [Princess Diana's] beloved foundation, which was dealing with land mines. Prince William, in a moment, jumps up on the stage and sings, rather well, 'Living on a Prayer' with me. I never got to meet Harry... my daughter is still upset because she’s like, ‘I wanted to marry Harry!’ I don't know the boy!”

Jon added, “I never met Princess Di, but I've performed for the Queen, I've performed for Prince Charles, and I've performed with and for Prince William, so for an American, I'm not doing too bad!”