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'Deadpool 2' Breakout Star Zazie Beetz on Fame, Not Being Fake, and Kicking Anxiety's Butt

'Deadpool 2' Breakout Star Zazie Beetz on Fame, Not Being Fake, and Kicking Anxiety's Butt
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If you've seen this weekend's smash hit, "Deadpool 2," you already know what a rising star Zazie Beetz is.

The actress, already a familiar face as part of the cast of "Atlanta," tells Bustle that overnight fame isn't all it's cracked up to be, saying, "The moment you say 'yes' to something like [this movie], you have allowed [this change] to enter your life."

She goes on to say, "People often think, 'All this amazing stuff is happening,' and people ask, 'How do you feel about all these changes?'... And they’re expecting and wanting the answer to be that everything is fine and great... But it’s not.”

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Beetz wants her "Atlanta" character Van to become "not just someone’s girlfriend or someone’s mother, but... herself as an individual."

The actress has had to battle severe anxiety, which she describes as "one of the scariest experiences of my life." She says she spun out of control for a few months, and once she came to terms with it, she thought "about some of my friends in college who went through stuff like that, and I wish I could have been there in a way that I wasn’t, because I had no idea to the extent that it can really kind of... consume you."

On that same tip, she points out that fun-filled celeb events aren't always as glam as they seem. "People see a room full of celebrities and they all take a photo together, and they’re not friends... they hardly know each other, most of the time."

She fights against that phoniness by remembering how important it is "to un-glamorize the Hollywood or celebrity version [of yourself]."

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Rocking old-school Janet Jackson on her tee

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