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All the Funniest Royal Wedding Memes and Jokes

All the Funniest Royal Wedding Memes and Jokes

Everything went off seamlessly at Saturday's royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, so the couple probably won't mind some of the hilarious jokes circulating on social media!

Adorably, Harry's glee face seems not to have changed:

Royal watchers praised Pippa Middleton's seafoam-green dress with a white-and-pink floral print, but some on Twitter couldn't help spilling the Arizona Green Tea:

That, er, canned humor led to other, similarly recyclable — and retweetable — observations:

A fashion blogger noticed that a woman wore a dress seen in that TV movie about Meghan and Harry:

... and then noticed another woman wore the identical frock:

"Harry Potter" scribe J.K. Rowling used the occasion to rib President Trump over his infamous fixation on the size of his inauguration crowd, posting a pic of the throngs waiting to catch a glimpse of Harry and Meghan alongside a snap of the significantly fewer spectactors on hand to catch a glimpse of the Trumps in January 2017:

Surprise attendee Sarah Ferguson was the butt of a joke about the fact that she's somewhat of a black sheep among royals:

When rocker Billy Idol, famous for his 1982 hit "White Wedding" tweeted about Harry and Meghan without directly quoting his own song ("Come on, it's a nice day for a / White wedding"), one user couldn't resist egging him on:

One wedding watcher cracked people up for his attempt to steal focus:

... but another wedding watcher probably won that battle:

This moment between bothers led to countless suggestions as to what they must be saying:

Bishop Michael Curry's fiery sermon led to much chatter online, with some praising him:

... and others pointing out that some of the guests — among them Sir Elton John, Camilla, and Kate — seemed a little flummoxed by his very American delivery:

Elton was also playfully razzed for kissing David Beckham on the mouth, then seeming to lick his lips:

Even the Queen wasn't safe from some gentle humor — one wag noticed her green coat dress made for an excellent green-screen fest:

Also, since Prince Harry invited not one but two of his ex-girlfriends to the ceremony, you knew these were coming:

Let's end on a high note, with a user who just noticed the royal wedding had a truly fairy-tale quality: