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How Medical Medium Anthony William Detects Illnesses, and the Top 5 Foods He Says Can Change Your Life

How Medical Medium Anthony William Detects Illnesses, and the Top 5 Foods He Says Can Change Your Life

Anthony William is a medical medium and New York Times best-selling author who has worked with Hollywood stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert De Niro, and Naomi Campbell.

Now, he’s sitting down with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood to talk about how he detects illnesses, the food choices that can help change our lives, and his new book “Liver Rescue.”

William receives what he calls “advanced medical information” from Spirit, and he discovered his gift when he was just 4 years old.


“I woke up one morning, heard a voice perfectly clear,” he explained. “That voice tells me what’s going on inside the body, 'Are you sick? Is there a mysterious illness?' And it comes nonstop like that.”

As a child he was able to tell his grandmother she had lung cancer, a diagnosis doctors later confirmed.

Watch the video to see a reading Anthony did with our co-host Tanika Ray. Not only did he explain her health issue, he offered a solution too.

When it comes to your health, William puts an emphasis on diet, and he shared his top five life-changing foods!

First there is celery juice, which Anthony says is “a miracle turnaround for all kinds of conditions.” Next are wild blueberries, because they are “100 times more potent” than regular ones and protect the body from disease.

He also recommends cucumbers for their hydration qualities and ability to reverse liver damage, and encourages eating lots of melon of any kind to help flush out toxins. Another must, he says, is tangerines to help fight off viruses, and protect from radiation and toxic heavy metals.

Anthony also warned our viewers about “The Unforgiving Four,” which are threats in our environment that he believes we can protect ourselves from by making the right food choices. Watch the video to learn more!

William has been changing lives with his books “Medical Medium,” “Life Changing Foods,” “Thyroid Healing,” and now “Liver Rescue.”

His new book is taking aim at one of our most important organs by exploring how an overloaded liver is connected to everything from emotional health to heart issues to brain fog, while offering ways to help heal your body.

Anthony explained that healing your liver doesn’t mean cutting out cocktails! “If you read it, you can protect your liver, so if you still have your vice you can protect your liver at the same time," he said. "It's all balance.”

Learn more, and pre-order the book here!