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Nikki Bella’s First Words on John Cena Split

Nikki Bella’s First Words on John Cena Split

Nikki Bella has finally broken her silence following her split with John Cena last month.

The “Total Bellas” star posted a YouTube video acknowledging she has been staying at her twin sister Brie’s house in San Diego in recent weeks.

Nikki explained, “Staying at Brie’s because you all know why. I just wanted to say hi to you guys. I know I’ve been MIA, and I’ve kind of been hiding out. But I wanted to reach out to you all and thank you all for your love and support. Can’t tell you how much it meant to me, especially through a really difficult time.”

The message was posted the same day a source told People that chances are good that John and Nikki will get back together.

The insider said, “John has constantly been in touch with Nikki. They will almost definitely get back together. They’re definitely on a path to reconciliation. John is the love of her life, and she’s definitely the love of his life, and that doesn’t just vanish overnight. At the end of the day, they still want to be together.”

Cena recently told “Extra” he was “heartbroken” and will “absolutely” always love Nikki. Watch the video!

John and Nikki had planned to get married in Mexico this month, before calling off the wedding.