Life in the Bunker! 'The 100's' Marie Avgeropoulos & Adina Porter Tease Season 5

Life in the Bunker! 'The 100's' Marie Avgeropoulos & Adina Porter Tease Season 5
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Fans will soon know the fate of their favorite characters when “The 100” returns April 24 for Season 5!

When “The 100” left off, Octavia, Indra, Jaha, Abby, Kane and many others took refuge in an underground bunker to escape Praimfaya, and were presumably still there when the show jumped six years into the future. caught up with actresses Marie Avgeropoulos (who was joined by her dog Chewy) and Adina Porter on the set in Vancouver, where they dished with reporters about what’s in store for their characters Octavia and Indra, as well their bunker-mates.

Marie warned that “Octavia has changed quite a bit,” adding that she has found a creative way to “help all the clans get along.”

Avgeropoulos explained, “There's a lot of old resentments among all the clans and old resentments don't die. So she has to come up with a very Octavia way to maintain order among the groups.”

She teased this foreboding tidbit: “Resources are running extremely low and actually come to a halt so we have to come up with a new tactic... of nutritioning our bodies.”

Luckily, she has her general Indra by her side. Porter said, “We get to spend a lot of time together since underground there aren't a lot of places you can go. I get to spend time with both my daughters, my faith-based flame keeper daughter Gaia, and my warrior daughter Octavia… we are still close.”

It sounds like the friendship between Octavia and Indra has grown stronger without Octavia’s brother Bellamy around. Avgeropoulos said, “It is interesting to see what Octavia has become without her brother trying to steer her in the right direction. It gives an opportunity for other characters like Indra to give her advice… it is a good season to see the independence and whether she makes good or bad decisions.”

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No word on when Octavia and Bellamy (once he makes it back to Earth, of course) will be reunited, but Adina did explain that the survivors in the bunker don’t have communication with the outside world.

“There is no way to see outside. There is a way for people who might survive on the outside to see if people down below can hear them,” she said, adding "People are desperately trying to see if there are more humans on Earth.”

Of course many characters took refuge in the bunker including Jaha. What does that mean? The first-ever scene between Octavia and Jaha! Marie said, “I’ve never had a scene with Isaiah [Washington] ever, and this season I do so it is very new to see that dynamic on the screen and the show."

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What about Abby and Kane? Adina confirmed they are still “leaders in their community” and “in love” while helping to create the “one crew” amongst the clans.

Be sure to watch “The 100” Season 5 premiere April 24 on The CW!