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Will Ferrell Hospitalized After Scary Car Crash

Will Ferrell Hospitalized After Scary Car Crash

On Thursday night, actor Will Ferrell was involved in a car crash in Orange County.

Ferrell was one of three passengers in a chauffeur-driven SUV that flipped over after being hit from the left rear by a Toyota. Earlier in the night, he was at a "Funny or Die" event outside San Diego.

Witnesses told TMZ that the SUV was sideswiped, causing it to spin and flip over.

After the accident, Ferrell was seen talking on the phone before being loaded onto a stretcher and taken to a hospital. Another passenger in the SUV was seen bleeding profusely on the scene. The other passengers and driver of the SUV were also taken to a hospital, but the driver of the Toyota was not.

Ferrell was released Friday morning.

Though beer bottles were observed at the crash scene, it does not look like alcohol or drugs played a part in the accident.

Police are still investigating the collision.