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‘Long Island Medium’ Drama! Theresa & Larry Caputo Face the Reality of Doomed Marriage

‘Long Island Medium’ Drama! Theresa & Larry Caputo Face the Reality of Doomed Marriage

On last night’s “Long Island Medium,” Theresa and Larry Caputo had an intense conversation about their troubled marriage.

While sitting poolside, Theresa told Larry, “I feel that you just pulled back from me. Because of all that shutting down and pulling back and not saying anything is what caused me to shut down."

During the episode, Larry revealed that Theresa’s busy career was hard on him. He shared, “There was a point that came where I was angry that I wasn't getting the attention that I used to get from my wife, not realizing that she was making an effort and reaching out to me."

Larry told Theresa, “I'm not asking you to make a decision on your career over me because that wouldn't solve anything. You need to do what you do, but you and my children are everything."

In response, Theresa said, “I love you, but I don't think that — I don't feel that things are the same.”

Larry emphasized that he didn’t want to “give up” on their marriage. He said, “I don't want to throw in the towel. I have too much love for you to give up.”

Despite his plea, Theresa argued, “I feel like I cant keep flip-flopping my emotions and that's what I've been doing. Because I am at this breaking point."

The episode ended with Larry still hoping that they could make it work and thinking “it just needs to be repaired.” Theresa’s viewpoint on the future was a bit different, with the medium saying, “The hardest thing that I have to do is to move forward and do what I love and do it without Larry, unfortunately."

In the episode, Theresa pointed out about the crumbling relationship, “The tension was so bad here in the house, and it's something that happened over time. It's nothing that happened overnight."

In a recent interview with “Extra,” Theresa discussed the state of her marriage saying, “Right now, Larry is living in L.A. and I'm here in New York. We're just taking it day by day.”