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Mandy Moore Talks 'This Is Us,' Her Beauty Regimen, and Being a Mom One Day

Mandy Moore Talks 'This Is Us,' Her Beauty Regimen, and Being a Mom One Day

Mandy Moore graces the cover of the Spring-Summer 2018 issue of NewBeauty, talking about her favorite part of working on her hit series "This Is Us," as well as giving a glimpse into her anti-aging beauty regimen!

Stunning as always

"I love that I get to play a fallible human being," she says of her role as Rebecca Pearson on "This Is Us." "She’s not a perfect wife or mother, and I think that’s part of the secret to the show’s success. People really relate to these characters because they see themselves or their own families and the choices they’ve made."

Getting to play someone so real is her favorite part of her "This Is Us" experience.

Mandy's beauty regimen mainly consists of hydration and rest.

Mandy says she doesn't take a minute of it for granted, noting, "I have never, ever been a part of something that people connect to like this, and it resonates so deeply. People want to come up to you and talk to you about the most vulnerable things in their lives and the experiences they’ve had. They want to get real with you and talk about the nitty gritty of life and that’s pretty unbelievable. It’s very humbling."

Saying she "loves" playing a 66-year-old on TV, she jokes that she won't need old-age makeup in a few seasons because all she does to prevent the signs of aging so far is use sunscreen, get sleep, and "not live a crazy-hard life or stress out about it either."

Mandy can't wait to be "Mommy!"

Mandy, who is engaged to rocker Taylor Goldsmith, tells the magazine she's gung-ho about being a mom one day! "Absolutely. I am so excited to hopefully be a mother one day. I feel like I have a little bit of a head start with the show. I’m getting practice with babies and toddlers and 10-year-olds and teenagers and adults—every chapter of life. I have had much more experience dealing with the bigger issues they all have to contend with. I hope that is in the cards for me, sooner rather than later."

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