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Hitchcock Actress Dead at 95

Hitchcock Actress Dead at 95
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Louise Latham, the oldest living actress featured in an Alfred Hitchcock film, died February 12 at 95, it was announced. THR confirmed her passing in a retirement home in Montecito, California.

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Latham in a salacious flashback sequence from "Marnie"

Latham's big break was her very first film role — as the title character's manipulative mama in Hitchcock's "Marnie" (1964). The film was not well-received at the time, but has been reassessed as one of the masterful filmmaker's gems.

At the time of her casting, Latham said, "'Marnie' changed my life, that's all," noting that she'd been 30 minutes late for her audition and had to flag down the director's limo as he was leaving the Universal lot.

Latham went on to work in many films and on TV, memorably as Aunt Fran on "Family Affair" (1966); in the classic final installment of "The Fugitive" (1967); in the Burt Reynolds film "White Lightning" (1973); in Steven Spielberg's first movie "The Sugarland Express (1974); as the mother of the Sugarbakers on "Designing Women" (1986); and in her swan song, an episode of "The X-Files" (2000).

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Latham in her final role, on "The X-Files"

Latham was married and divorced three times, leaving no immediate survivors.