Emily Blunt Says 'A Quiet Place' Had Her Playing Out Her Deepest Fears

Emily Blunt Says 'A Quiet Place' Had Her Playing Out Her Deepest Fears

Only “Extra’s” Adam Weissler was with actress Emily Blunt in Austin following the SXSW Film Festival screening of her new film “A Quiet Place.”

Blunt stars alongside her real-life husband John Krasinski, who also directed and co-wrote the film. Shooting the horror thriller, in which the pair's characters must protect their kids from deadly, mysterious creatures, was very close to home for Blunt, as they share two young daughters.

Emily revealed, “I was nervous to take it on because the part is just so close to home for me, because I’m playing a mother who is experiencing what would be my deepest fears as a mother – the idea of not being able to protect your children… that was quite intimidating territory for me to play out my real fears.”

Blunt, however, was thrilled by the audience’s “explosive reaction” to the film.

“It felt like we were watching it for the first time… with the audience with that sort of explosive reaction,” she said. "We just laughed the whole way through, because it was just so exciting for people to appreciate what I was hoping they would… it is just beyond what we had ever dreamt of for it.”

The actress also opened up about working with John, and her upcoming movies “Mary Poppins” and “Jungle Cruise.”

“A Quiet Place” is out April 6.