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Roger Federer ‘Totally Distracted’ Savannah Guthrie for a Good Cause

Roger Federer ‘Totally Distracted’ Savannah Guthrie for a Good Cause
Jennifer Pottheiser/Team 8

Earlier this week, “Today” host Savannah Guthrie got to play tennis with her celebrity crush Roger Federer!

Guthrie and Federer played a tennis match in San Jose, California, where they raised $2.5 million for the Roger Federer Foundation. The charity was raising money for children’s education in Africa.

She told “Today” on Tuesday, “It was epic, it was amazing, it was embarrassing — all of the adjectives… Here’s the bottom line, the highlight reel from my tennis is real, real short. The highlight reel for life, it is long and I am still pinching myself.”

Al Roker was on hand to support Guthrie, who expressed her appreciation, saying, “It meant so much to me.”

Guthrie was “totally distracted” by Federer’s presence across the net. He joked to her, “You have to start looking at the ball and stop looking at me.”

Savannah’s husband Michael Feldman recently poked fun at her crush on Roger, saying, “I’m happy to welcome him into our marriage.”

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez recently spoke to Savannah at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she gushed about the tennis superstar, “I love him so much. He came on our show and I became 13 again.”

For more, visit RogerFedererFoundation.org!