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‘Extra’ Exclusive: Kim Goldman Hopes O.J. Simpson Will Be Seen as ‘Double Murderer’ After Lost Interview

‘Extra’ Exclusive: Kim Goldman Hopes O.J. Simpson Will Be Seen as ‘Double Murderer’ After Lost Interview

On Wednesday, only “Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down at Universal Studios Hollywood with Kim Goldman, whose brother Ron was killed alongside Nicole Brown Simpson in June 1994, to get her reaction to the upcoming FOX special “OJ. Simpson: The Lost Confession?”

In the 2006 interview, Simpson gives a shocking hypothetical account of the events that occurred on the night his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simson and Ron Goldman were brutally murdered.

Though she hasn’t seen it, Kim was willing to share her thoughts on FOX’s decision to air it. Kim said, “They did call to give us a heads-up, which I'm very appreciative for that. If it's anything like we believe the ‘If I Did It’ book to be, and that's what we think was his confession, then sure, let the world see that.”

As for what viewers will take away from the special, Kim shared, “I think that they're going to see what we see, is that he did it. He talks from what we understand is hypothetical and then he talks in the first person. What we've always said about the 'If I Did It' book is, ‘What kind of an innocent person writes a story about how they would kill their wife?’”

Now that Simpson has been released from prison for unrelated crimes, Kim commented on what she thinks about people taking photos with him. Kim said, “It is hard, it is painful. It’s what we expected, though, knowing what was going to happen upon his release. Maybe after they watch this interview they'll be less likely because they will hopefully see him the way we do — that he's a double murderer.”

Will she be watching Sunday night? Kim revealed, “I am going to be tuning in, begrudgingly.”

“OJ. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” airs Sunday on FOX.