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Nick Viall on Arie & Becca’s Broken Engagement: ‘It’s Tough’

Nick Viall on Arie & Becca’s Broken Engagement: ‘It’s Tough’

Earlier today, "Extra’s” Tanika Ray spoke with former “Bachelor” Nick Viall at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he weighed in on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s intense breakup with fiancée Becca Kufrin on ABC’s “The Bachelor” last night.

When asked how Nick felt watching Arie end his engagement to Becca on national television, he shared, “I feel bad for those involved. It's tough... I can't relate to what Arie had to go through. Arie doesn't show a lot of emotion. That was hard to watch.”

In the controversial episode, Becca asked Arie to leave after he broke off the engagement. Nick commented, “I don’t really know the guy, but it just was tough to watch. She kept asking him to leave, but he kept sticking around. I feel like he was trying to do the right thing... The best thing you can do in that situation is pay attention to the woman you’re sitting across from and do what she asks... I thought Becca was pretty clear.”

Nick certainly became a popular figure on the “Bachelor” franchise over the years, so does he think that Becca should be named the new “Bachelorette”? He replied, “Sometimes it’s the unanswered prayers you end up being most thankful for, so maybe good things are in store for Becca. I have no idea, but she kind of has to be, right? If she's ready for it. That would be my pick. I'm rooting for her. I hope she finds whatever happiness she deserves. She’d be my choice — I think she'd be great!”

As for what happens next for Arie, Nick pointed out, “Being the ‘Bachelor’ is really hard.”

He added, “I can appreciate where Arie is coming from. I know he's trying to do the right thing. He doesn't seem to be doing a good job of going about it, but hopefully when it's all said and done, Becca will end up being in a better place and hopefully Arie and Lauren will make it work. Right now, everyone's reacting and it was painful to watch."

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Part 2 of “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose” airs tonight on ABC.