Becca Kufrin Speaks Out After Being Dumped by Arie in Shocking ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Becca Kufrin Speaks Out After Being Dumped by Arie in Shocking ‘Bachelor’ Finale

“The Bachelor” contestant Becca Kufrin is breaking her silence after the shocking season finale!

After proposing to Becca, Arie Luyendyk Jr. had a change of heart, saying he was unable to get over his breakup with Lauren Burnham. Arie eventually called off his engagement with Becca, hoping to see if he can pursue his relationship with Lauren.

Despite his heartbreaking decision, Becca is trying to remain positive, telling People magazine, “He’s a good person. I don’t think he’s a monster and purposely did this to hurt me and make me feel this way. But it’s just the result of his actions. At the end of the day, I don’t think he thought through everything of how ending things with Lauren would be, how being engaged to me would be and what breaking up with me and going back to her would be. I don’t think he thought it through, but I don’t think he did it maliciously to break my heart.”

Kufrin reflected on the day that she was sent home, sharing, “That morning, I woke up and I was very oddly calm. I just felt it in my heart. I just knew it was me — that him and I were going to be together. There were still nerves, but I never was too anxious or worked up about it because I just felt it was right with us.”

As for their broken engagement, the 27-year-old said, “I never thought for a million years that once the going started to get tough that he would throw in the towel and jump ship and say, ‘Oh, sorry, I changed my mind.’ I didn’t think we were at that point whatsoever.”

Becca knew something was off when “he didn’t have his suitcases with him” on the day he broke off their engagement. She admitted, “It was embarrassing the way he broke up with me with the full cameras and crew around. There was a better and more tactful way to do it. A breakup is hard enough, and to have it all filmed and have to re-watch it and know that people all across the country are watching you get your heart broken, it is embarrassing. It’s not fun. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It was like a slap in the face.”

After everything that happened, Becca wishes “he hadn’t proposed.” She explained, “That’s something that I only wanted to happen once in my life, and it’s been robbed from me, and I can never have that one-time moment again. And the second part is that he lied or hid his true feelings and emotions for weeks and weeks and weeks. The number one thing that I value in a relationship is honesty and loyalty, and I feel like I wasn’t given that.”

Though he broke her heart on national TV, she is willing to “forgive him” and “move on.”

After the finale aired, fellow contestant Bekah Martinez also called him out for direct messaging her on Twitter. She tweeted, “DM’ing your ex on twitter is a great look, too, @ariejr.”

She added, “Yeah arie was probably being friendly but guess what I DON’T CARE HAHAHA. BOY BYEEEE.”

Bekah also showed her support for Becca, tweeting, “beck is a queen. a goddess. thank the LORD he’s out of her life.”

Becca’s first face-to-face with Arie since the breakup will happen tonight on ABC.