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Do Sarah Jessica Parker’s Kids Take Her Fashion Advice?

Do Sarah Jessica Parker’s Kids Take Her Fashion Advice?

Sarah Jessica Parker played TV’s ultimate fashionista Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City,” which seemingly inspired her to create her very own footwear, apparel and accessory label!

Now, the accomplished actress has launched the Gap/ Sarah Jessica Parker collection, a limited-edition assortment of girls' and boys' apparel and accessories. But do her kids follow in their mom’s stylish footsteps?

“Extra” spoke with Sarah, who shared, “My son is 15, so he really has his own thoughts about who he is and how he wants to look when he walks through the door.”

Sarah added about her twin girls, “My daughters are still sort of slightly within my control, but primarily, they, too, like most 8-year-olds, really have these strong ideas about their own identity. We fight at certain times and I beg them to please be more presentable. ‘We're going to my mom's, my mom likes a dress,’ and then I realize, ‘Oh, who cares? She likes the child, not the dress.’ But it's nice to see them develop their own sense of style.”

Sarah's limited-edition collection with Gap is on sale March 1.