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Khloé on the Kardashian Baby Boom: ‘This Family Is Just Multiplying’

The Kardashian baby boom is in full effect, and only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh is with a pregnant Khloé Kardashian on the set of the casting call for her Good American Jeans, just days after her sisters Kylie and Kim both welcomed baby girls.

When Renee congratulated Khloé on becoming an aunt again, she replied, “This family is just multiplying.” Kardashian also said her sister Kylie is a natural already, commenting, “She's so great. This is so natural for her… and just seeing her so at peace with everything, I'm really happy for her.”

Happy for her new niece Chicago as well, Khloé gushed of Kim's baby, “She’s so cute! They’re all so cute.”

Khloé and Kylie posed together with their baby bumps before Kylie gave birth. Now, Khloé is glowing as she counts down to her baby’s arrival. She told "Extra" she is really embracing her pregnancy body.

She shared, “Well, now that there's more of a bump, there's a transitional period…a different shape. You're wider… So I'm embracing it now… You really do feel so feminine and maternal.”

The mom-to be is still deciding on names for her baby with Tristan Thompson. She admitted, “It’s honestly the hardest thing and I Iove suggestions, but everyone keeps giving me the same suggestions: 'If it’s a girl, Kristin; if it’s a boy, Tristan.' I’m like, 'Could we do a little more? I need a little more options.'”

Khloé is also weighing her options for celebrating Valentine’s Day with Tristan. She confessed, “I've never been a big Valentine's Day person… Tristan will be in town. So he wanted to see my mom. We just picked Valentine's Day... If you're with the person you love, I don't need a big thing.”

The reality star turned denim designer is busy working, even as her due date approaches. She smiled, admitting, “I nest on Sundays, really.” Working with her partner Emma Grede on their Good American Jeans, Kardashian said, “We have such a great team. We have a small team. We're small, but we're mighty. And I learn so much.”

At the casting call for the brand's Good Squad, Emma dished, “It's absolutely bananas. This time, we had over 20,000 submissions. Khloé and I have met 300 women individually.”

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