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John Travolta Sets the Record Straight on ‘Gotti’ Movie

John Travolta Sets the Record Straight on ‘Gotti’ Movie

Only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with John Travolta at the Aviation Awards, where he sported a new look!

Travolta took on rumors about his “Gotti” movie after reports swirled that the movie was shelved because the mob wasn't pleased with it. He said, “Well, the glorious thing about that movie is that there are so many stories that can be created that support the ongoing illusions of [the] mafia that I get a kick out of it… If you want to know the absolute truth, I found an individual that was willing to finance it as a widely distributed film and so we pulled it from the distributor that had a limited market they were going to go for because it costs money to release a film widely these days — that's the truth… So in June, it gets to be for everybody, so yeah, I’m very excited about the possibilities of that film.”

Travolta also broke news on one of his next projects, the film “Poison Rose,” featuring his 17-year-old daughter Ella. Travolta revealed, “My daughter is stunning and we're planning to do a movie together… Yes, called 'Poison Rose,' and she plays my daughter, but I don't know she's my daughter…Although I look at her and she looks just like me, so it's going to be hard to play that, but that's next.”

As for his “hilarious” so, Ben, who is 7, he’s into a lot these days, including “rock climbing, gymnastics, football, skating, skiing.” When Renee joked that Ben was an “underachiever,” Travolta smied and joked, “He is me on steroids, meaning he goes for it.”

Of his salt-and-pepper beard, John said, “I tried it for a movie that I did last summer and then I liked it so much I kept it.”

Aside from acting, John is passionate about being a pilot, even hosting the Living Legends of Aviation Awards, which honored one of those legends, fellow pilot Harrison Ford. The 63-year-old commented, “Well, we honored Harrison, and after that he just wanted to be on board and he's very, very supportive of the eagles program for the young people because... the real issue we're having is when I was a little boy, when Harrison was a little boy, aviation and aerospace was an obsession with us. Right now, the younger group are not as fascinated with it as we were, so we're trying to rekindle... the interest in the subject matter… We're still recognizable enough to maybe inspire a younger set of people.”

Audiences of all ages still love Travolta's iconic turn in “Saturday Night Fever.” John admitted, “I can't believe it. I'm really, really impressed with the longevity of that film as I am with the film 'Grease'… It doesn't seem to want to end — the public's interest in it — and I'm very happy because imagine making something that lasts a lifetime.”