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Tom Brady Takes ‘Extra’ Pop Culture Quiz — How’d He Do?

Tom Brady Takes ‘Extra’ Pop Culture Quiz — How’d He Do?

On Monday, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady attended Super Bowl Media Day, where he chatted about pop culture with “Extra.”

Aside from talking about the big game, Brady took the time to tackle a few questions from our mystery helmet. When asked to name four actors nominated for an Oscar, he replied, “I have no idea.”

Brady also didn’t know who was hosting the Oscars or the name of Kimye’s baby girl. He joked, “’Extra’ is Hollywood-focused?”

The questions did get a little easier for the champion quarterback. When asked who Aaron Rodgers was dating, he was able to name Danica Patrick.

Tom was also able to name his teammate Danny Amendola’s girlfriend, saying, “I know that one.” He continued, “Olivia Culpo. She’s a very sweet girl and they make a great couple.”

Some of Tom’s other teammates also took a crack at “Extra’s” mystery helmet. Watch!

Tom also addressed suspended radio host Alex Reimer’s disparaging comments about his daughter. He took the high road, telling reporers, “We all make mistakes and I hate for someone to have to change their life for something like that. It was certainly not what he intended.”

Super Bowl LII takes place Sunday in Minneapolis on NBC.