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Joy Villa Wears Anti-Abortion Dress on the Grammys Red Carpet

Singer Joy Villa is using her Grammys look to send an anti-abortion message.

The star walked the red carpet in a white, floor-length Pronovias gown featuring a picture of a fetus. She also wore a tiara and carried a purse that read “choose life.”

Villa revealed on Instagram that she had a baby girl in her twenties and gave her up for adoption.

Joy said her statement for the Grammys was #CHOOSELIFE, adding, “I hand painted my @pronovias gown with a hand painted (by me) recreation of my daughter portrait I painted in 2007 at 20 years old 8 months pregnant with my beautiful daughter, whom I adopted out to a wonderful family. I’m incredibly blessed to have given life, and I hope to encourage anyone in a similar situation to choose adoption.”

Last year, Joy made her first bold political statement at the Grammys, wearing a “Make America Great Again” dress.

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