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Rick Springfield on His Struggles with Depression, Plus: The Inspiration Behind His New Album

Rick Springfield on His Struggles with Depression, Plus: The Inspiration Behind His New Album

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Rick Springfield after he shocked the world with his confession about depression and multiple suicide attempts!

Of his private pain, Springfield said, “It’s part of me, so I had to talk about it and people pick up on it because it’s kind of a new subject, I guess.”

Chester Bennington and Robin Williams are among the big names who have taken their own lives after losing their battles with depression, which is something that Rick “very much” understands. He explained, “I don’t relate to their struggles because everyone's is personal, but I know I understand where they go with all that because I’ve been there and I hope I don’t go there again.”

As for what goes on in his head when he is hit with depression and suicidal thoughts, Rick shared, “You’re not trying to hurt anyone else. You’re not trying to hurt your family. You’re just trying to get away from the thing that you can’t get away from.”

“You know, you’re always kind of on the edge of the cliff with depression, and you gotta deal with it the way you do,” Springfield continued. “I’m doing my best to pursue the life that I want even though the hand drags me down every now and then.”

On a lighter note, Springfield also reflected on his '80s hit song “Jessie’s Girl.” He said, “I’m proud of having written the song. I’m proud of the life it’s taken on after I let it go, because it’s really taken on a life of its own. It’s great I’m not one of these guys that go, ‘God, I’m so sick of playing these songs.’ I’m very proud!”

The 68-year-old is also proud of his new album “The Snake King,” which features songs like the politically charged “In the Land of the Blind” and “Little Demon.” Of his decision to do a blues album, he said, “The stuff I had to say, that I wanted to say, wouldn’t have worked in a pop/rock scenario, so I thought the blues was perfect for it.”

“The Snake King” drops on Friday. Rick is also about to go on tour, so grab tickets at RickSpringfield.com!