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Gal Gadot Reveals the Only Time She Was Starstruck

Gal Gadot Reveals the Only Time She Was Starstruck

Last night, Gal Gadot stunned in a plunging black Mugler gown at the launch of Revlon‘s Live Boldly.

The “Wonder Woman” star, who is serving as an ambassador for the campaign, told “Extra’s” AJ Calloway, “It's such a wonderful night. I'm very happy to be here.”

The New York event celebrated beautiful and powerful women just days after the Women’s March. Gal, who took part, pointed out, “We're in a very, very important and interesting and empowering era for women. We’re in this incredible cultural change… And honestly, I think that all of the world understands the power of equality and the way that things should actually be, so it’s great and I am celebrating this.”

Gal is being featured on the cover of Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue this year, which showcases celebrities who are unafraid to comment on injustices or be a part of projects helping to abolish disparities. Gal, who was photographed solo, admitted she was “starstruck” working with famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, gushing, “I wasn’t starstruck until I met her… She was wonderful, and it was a great experience working with her.”

The 32-year-old also weighed in on her “Wonder Women” director Patty Jenkins, who did not get an Oscar nom. She shared, “We never made the movie for the Oscars — that was never, you know, our objective, and you can't have it all. We got to make a movie and to have an enjoyable, unique, special experience making it, and then when it was born out to the world, it was received in such an incredible way that honestly we're humbled and grateful and we're gonna work on doing another movie, so maybe the next one — who knows?”

One thing she does know is that she has a lot of love for her Revlon fellow ambassador Ashley Graham. Gal commented, “I think she's beautiful and I think she's very, very smart, and I think that the work that she's doing in paving the way... for people to accept women in all different sizes is magnificent, and that's the way it should be and I'm very happy she's here.”

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