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Reese Witherspoon Tackles Latest 'Big Little Lies' Rumors

Reese Witherspoon Tackles Latest 'Big Little Lies' Rumors

Nominees Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern looked glamorous at the SAG Awards tonight, where they spoke with “Extra’s” Tanika Ray and our special correspondent Adam Glassman about the second season of the HBO hit "Big Little Lies."

Reese, who is also a producer on the show, said, “I had a really great meeting yesterday getting everyone’s schedules organized. It’s been a puzzle.”

Reese and Laura pointed out that the show's child actors are busier than they are!

Witherspoon made news last week when reports broke saying she and Nicole Kidman were set to make a million dollars per episode for Season 2 of “Big Little Lies.” Reese revealed, “It’s not all true... some of it’s true.”

She went on to emphasize that conversations are happening, adding, “Every wage gap, it’s time that people have more times at bat and more opportunities to make films and television shows so that they can be paid an equal wage.”

Last night, Reese presented at the PGA Awards, sitting with Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington and Tracee Ellis Ross. While that meant she couldn’t make it to the Women’s March, it was on her mind. She commented, “I was looking at it on my phone and talking about it with those lovely ladies — Eva, and Tracee and Kerry — and we were all just crying over the beautiful show of sisterhood and that women are showing up all over the world to talk about the rights of women."

Laura added, “It’s not an event, it’s an annual, constant movement now.” She said she especially loved seeing the speeches, elaborating, “It’s a movement of women and mothers saying everyone deserves to be safe and let us stand up to protect all the men and all the children as well, so everyone is safe in every environment, particularly, as we are talking about, in the workplace across all industries.”