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Paul Reiser Takes on 'Mad About You’ Reboot Rumors

Paul Reiser Takes on 'Mad About You’ Reboot Rumors

On Sunday, Paul Reiser attended the SAG Awards to celebrate his role on the second season of the Netflix hit “Stranger Things,” but it’s his '90s series “Mad About You” that everyone wants to know about!

Rumors have been flying that Reiser and Helen Hunt may be bringing the show back. Paul set the record straight, saying, “We don’t know that it’s coming back. Somebody jumped the gun with the 'Mad About You.' Somebody went a little crazy. Helen Hunt and I were talking about it and somebody said, 'Oh look, they're talking, I guess they’re doing a re-boot.'”

“We’re thinking about it," he continued. "We ended it very well and we were proud of how we ended it, and we wrapped it up nicely, so if you open up that box again, you want to make sure you do it well. We’ll let you know as soon as we decide.”

Paul is playing Dr. Owen on “Stranger Things,” sharing, “It’s one of those dreams jobs where it’s a huge hit and then the the creators call you and say, 'We have a role in the second season that we wrote specifically for you.'”

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