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Monica Potter Is Not Pregnant — The Truth Behind That Photo!

Monica Potter Is Not Pregnant — The Truth Behind That Photo!

On Wednesday, “Parenthood” actress Monica Potter sparked pregnancy rumors after posting a photo of her bare belly.

Potter captioned the photo, “I have something to share.”

The following day, Monica cleared up the rumors in a YouTube video. She said, “So we posted something yesterday about my belly, and thank you for all of the well-wishes — I’m not pregnant. I’m kind of a little old to be pregnant, but you never know.”

The 46-year-old emphasized, “But what I wanted to bring to everyone’s awareness was some issues that I’ve been having with my belly, and sometimes these issues aren’t talked about. Colitis, Crohn’s, and getting a colonoscopy to diagnose what’s going on with our stomachs and intestinal problems.”

Of her stomach issues, Monica admitted, “I haven’t really talked about it. It’s not really glamorous. I’ve had to wear adult diapers sometimes driving [her daughter] Molly to school. That’s not really glamorous either. But I think finding the right healthcare provider and dealing with these issues can prolong your life and also diagnose things you might not really understand.”

Along with stressing the importance of a colonoscopy, Potter said, “I’ve had a few friends pass away from colon cancer, and this is something I wanted to share with you. I’m okay, I’m just getting ready for my yearly checkup to look at what’s going on down there. I noticed the bloat in my belly and I thought that I should share this.”