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Kim Kardashian Responds to Lamar Odom with Epic Tweet

Kim Kardashian Responds to Lamar Odom with Epic Tweet

Ouch! Kim Kardashian is hitting back at Lamar Odom after he threw some shade at her sister Khloé.

In an interview, set to air tonight on BET’s premiere episode of “Mancave,” Lamar reveals when he finally knew it was over between him and his ex-wife, saying, "I understand when it’s over, it’s over. When she was with her second or third NBA ballplayer, I could see that.”

Kim didn’t take too kindly to the comment. In response, she retweeted a story about it with the comment, "Or second or third brothel."

It is no secret that Lamar has been to at least one brothel. In October 2015, Odom was found unconscious at the Love Ranch brothel in Las Vegas. At the time, him and Khloé were separated but not divorced. Khloé stayed by his side as he recovered.

Now, Khloé has moved on with Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson and the two are expecting a baby.

Lamar thinks Khloé will be a good mom. “I’m happy for her. She took care of me. She’ll be a good mother, for real. She’s a great woman.”

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