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Jermaine Dupri Takes on Janet Jackson Romance Rumors

Jermaine Dupri Takes on Janet Jackson Romance Rumors

For months, reconciliation rumors have been swirling about singer Janet Jackson and music producer Jermaine Dupri.

On Tuesday, Dupri made an appearance on Power 105.1’S Breakfast Club, where he laughed off the rumors. He said, “I don’t know anything about it.”

When asked if they are friends, Dupri answered, “I don't know if that's… We've always been friends… I don't know if we've never not been friends." Watch!

“Nobody has ever seen us together... It's just speculation, I guess, when somebody gets single,” the 45-year-old pointed out.

While Dupri acknowledged that the fans want them to reconcile, he said, "None of this stuff is actually true."

Last month, Janet and Jermaine were reportedly spotted together at STK in Atlanta. At the time, a source told Us Weekly, “They were cuddled up and holding hands.”

“I dated Janet for damn near 10 years. Why would I hide?" Jermaine argued. "Why am I going to sneak around with somebody y'all know I've been with?"