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Kerry Washington’s Message for Women: 'Find Yourself a Woke Man’

Kerry Washington’s Message for Women: 'Find Yourself a Woke Man’

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez caught up with Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes, where she talked about her kids, her “woke” husband and the #TIMESUP movement.

The “Scandal” star gushed over her daughter and son, telling Mario, “The kids are perfect, they are amazing, they make it all matter, and I feel really blessed.”

Her date, husband Nnamdi Asomugha, was sporting a Time's Up pin. Kerry had this message for women out there: “Ladies, find yourself a woke man, get yourselves a woke man — it's everything.”

Kerry, who is always very vocal about her opinions, said, “It’s great people are talking to us about not just about who we are wearing, but why we are wearing it, because we are wearing black in solidarity of all the brave women who have come forward to talk about the abuse and harassment in the workplace.

“We are wearing black in solidarity with all the women who have been doing this work for social justice for decades," she continued. "We are wearing black in solidarity with each other to say we’re coming together to say time's up on the imbalance in power, and not just in Hollywood.”

Washington said the legal defense fund the #TIMESUP movement is raising money for is not just for women in Hollywood, “It is for women in all industries… and it’s not just for women, it’s a movement and a campaign being led by women, but it's for anybody who’s facing an imbalance of power, an injustice in the workplace.”

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