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Rebel Wilson & Anna Kendrick on Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Rebel Wilson & Anna Kendrick on Sexual Harassment in Hollywood

Before getting the scoop on “Pitch Perfect 3," “Extra’s” Renee Bargh spoke with stars Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick about a more serious topic… sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Renee asked what it was like having a community of women step forward to create a movement in the industry. Rebel responded, “I think it's really great. I think it's so important for women and men who have been affected as well to share their stories because that's how change is going to happen.”

Both actresses feel that things are changing for the better. Wilson said, “Definitely, when certain people have had their careers taken away from them just like that, I think it might shape up some other people.”

Anna added, “It seems like people are taking it more seriously.” She recalled, “Something really small [happened], but it made me a little uncomfortable, and I said something and it was actually dealt with. And it was like, ‘Oh, okay. Thank you.’”

The women are all about female empowerment on the big screen with the new “Pitch Perfect” plot centering on the girl group reuniting for a giant overseas tour.

Anna and Rebel agreed the best part of making the movie was filming in a water tank.

Wilson explained, “In the movie it looks like we're in the ocean, but we're really in a water tank,” joking that the cast “demanded” the tank be heated.

“So it's like a giant Jacuzzi, and we loved it so much we were just in there,” Rebel said. “We were in there all day.”

Kendrick added, “They kept being like… ‘We're setting up the next shot so if you guys... and we're like… ‘We're good!’”

Is this the last “Pitch Perfect” movie? Anna insists, “If it were up to us we'd just do one until the end of time.”

“Pitch Perfect 3” opens in theaters Dec. 22.