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Fergie Explains Why She Made Her Stunning Drug Confession

Fergie Explains Why She Made Her Stunning Drug Confession

Fergie, who is hosting the FOX show “The Four," spoke with “Extra’s” Mark Wright as she shot the new series, opening up about why she made her stunning drug confession!

Fergie recently revealed that her severe crystal meth addition made her hallucinate every day. The star, who has been open about her struggles, explained, “What's great about my story is that I've been able to tell it so many different ways. Obviously, I've spoken about it at nauseam to the media, but with this album and especially songs like 'A Little Work,' I'm able to do it in a way that's poetic, and I’m able to sing it as well, and I am able to create it visually.”

In a short film about "A Little Work" she explained, “I got to a point where I was seeing devils everywhere… I would constantly be in the state of listening to the messages that these characters, these demons, or creatures, what they were going to tell me or what I should do.” Watch!

The pop star is having a blast with her role on “The Four,” saying, “I get the fun part, get to be in the middle, get to be the ringleader, the Michael Buffer of it all.”

Along with yelling out, "Let's get ready to rumble!” and saying it is more nerve-racking to perform than host, Fergie added, “I feel for these people right now. Everything is so much pressure, everything is on the line.”

Fergie also revealed who she thinks is the toughest judge in the singing competition show, where four contestants are met with new challengers each week who to try to knock them from the competition. She said, “I would say Diddy — he says things in a way, it's tough love, but in this business you've got to be thick-skinned, you've got to be tough, you've got to be able to pick yourself back up and the show must go on.”