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Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Her New 'Calmer' Life

Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Her New 'Calmer' Life

“Extra” caught up with Lindsay Lohan in NYC at the Daily Mail and Daily Mail TV’s Unwrap the Holidays party where she discussed Harvey Weinstein, her new life in Dubai, catching up with family and recent romance rumors.

Lohan came under fire when she defended Harvey Weinstein after he was accused of sexual assault, allegations that he has denied.

She told “Extra,” “He was always like a father figure to me because I was already working… Women are all very good people so we should stick together, and I think everyone’s a good person.”

Lohan made it clear that she has left her troubled past behind and is now living her best life. The 31-year-old now resides in Dubai, and says, “I feel safe.” She explained why she is happy there, “There was a lot of times in America where it was very hard for me to have my own time for myself, I really have an opportunity now to really focus on who I am as a person… and there is no paparazzi. She added, “There’s a calmness, there’s a stillness that I didn’t have in the past.”

Lindsay continued, “Life is moving good, it’s fast but in a good calmer way.”

She has various projects in the works as well. “We are discussing doing more music… I was just with Ed Sheeran in Dubai, I’m going to hunt him down and try.” She is also working on getting back into movies, “There’s a script that I am working on, ‘The Honeymoon,’ which is a book I’m adapting into a film.” The star is getting into beauty too, “I’m doing lipstick, fragrance.”

Lohan was with her mom Dina at the event, “I love being with my mom, she is an amazing woman.” She is happy to be home with family, “It’s so funny being with them these past few days it’s like I never left. I’m like, ‘Do I go back? Do I stay? Do I meditate? What do I do?’… Family is a wonderful thing.”

The actress said she is looking forward to dinner with her family this holiday season and revealing she loves to cook, “Jamie Oliver taught my English chicken pot pie so that’s my plan for the holiday.”

Lindsay also cleared up the rumors she is dating Korean body builder Je-yong Ha after photos of the two of them surfaced. “He’s my good friend, it’s so funny!” She said she is single now, “You can’t look for love it just happens. I found love working with children right now so that’s my focus… It’s better to just not be with anyone, love yourself more then maybe it will fall into place.”