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Sam Smith Talks New Album, Fifth Harmony and Holiday Plans

Sam Smith Talks New Album, Fifth Harmony and Holiday Plans

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Sam Smith at Jingle Ball, where he opened up about his new album, love of Fifth Harmony, holiday plans and more!

When Renee asked about “The Thrill of it All,” Sam said, “I feel very exposed on this album, but I do feel like I’ve become myself in such a huge way through my music, I’m not hiding anything, not that I was before… to me when I write music it is therapy.”

The Grammy winner also touched on what the album reveals about him. “As a gay man… I feel really empowered and strong with my sexuality at the moment, and I will forever. It is amazing. Also, I reveal just a lot of insecurities, I didn’t like myself when I was writing this album, and I documented that. Now me and me have a good relationship.”

What changed? “I looked after myself, I stopped being so hard on myself. It is a work in progress everyday.”

Fans may have noticed that Smith has undergone a physical transformation in recent years. His secret? “Stop eating so much cheese and bread… I still have a very balanced diet. Nothing too drastic.”

Sam is launching a tour this summer, and he said so far it is “looking very beautiful,” while joking that fans can expect “ballerinas” and “massive giraffes.”

Smith also talked about his recent Carpool Karaoke episode with James Corden and Fifth Harmony.

“I just saw James a minute ago and we were talking about it. It was really fun,” he said, adding, “I'm obsessed with them. They just make me feel alive. They're my go to album before I go gay clubbing… which gets me in the mood.

Dishing on his upcoming holiday plans, Sam said, “I need a glass of wine and a hug from my mom.”