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Nicole Kidman Takes on Rumors She’s Moving to NYC

Nicole Kidman Takes on Rumors She’s Moving to NYC

Last night, Nicole Kidman was honored with the Actress Tribute Award at the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

The actress, looking stunning in Alturazza, spoke with “Extra’s” AJ after reports circulated that husband Keith Urban surprised her by buying a $39-million townhouse mansion on the Upper East Side.

Nicole shut down the rumors that she and Keith Urban are moving the family to New York City, saying, “No, no. That's definitely a wrong rumor, so I'm glad to put it to rest.”

“No, we're staying put in Nashville. It’s a good town for us... We love New York City, but we’ve got our roots in Nashville,” she added.

Kidman was humbled by her award, commenting, “For me, it’s more about celebrating the independent film community and coming to say thank you.”

Along with praising the independent film community for doing so much for her, Kidman shared, “I start another independent film next week... ‘The Destroyer,’ with a female director… I play a cop."