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Kevin Hart’s First Interview About Baby Kenzo: ‘My Genes Are Strong’

Kevin Hart is already back to work after welcoming his new baby boy!

The star was in Hawaii to promote his new movie “Jumanji” after taking to social media Sunday to post the first pics of his son, Kenzo Kash, who was born last Tuesday. “Extra’s” Tanika Ray with the comedian for his first post-baby interview, alongside his co-stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Jack Black.

The group had fun together joking around about Kevin's baby news! When Tanika congratulated Kevin his “gorgeous” baby boy, Hart responded, “Thank you — we appreciate it.” The Rock quipped, “He looks just like his mom.”

Tanika interjected, saying, “No, he looks just like Kevin.” The Rock continued trying to push Kevin’s buttons, commenting, “What picture have you seen?” Hart replied, “What are you talking about?” Kevin insisted his baby looks more like him, saying, "My genes are strong.” The Rock, not giving up, said, “Beautiful kid, but looks just like his mother, thank God.”

Jack admitted, “I haven’t seen any photos of the child." Kevin said that was because, “He doesn’t follow me on social media.” Jack pulled out his phone, claiming, “I do I follow your Instagram! Is there a picture of your boy on there?"

Congratulations were also in order for The Rock, whose daughter was just named the Golden Globes Ambassador. The whole group chanted her name, “Simone!” Dwayne shared a sweet message for his daughter: “I love you and I am so proud, so proud, yes.”

Their movie, a remake of the 1995 Robin Williams film of the same name, centers on a group of teens who get sucked into a video game and into the bodies of their avatars. That includes a teenage girl stuck in the body of Black. Jack joked, “You know, that was a character that for some reason I really connected with... I don't know why.”

Kevin chimed in, saying the movie is "funny, but it never tows the line of being too much. It’s always right in that ballpark to where you believe it — you believe this little girl was engulfed into this world, and that’s what we wanted to get.”