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Jennifer Garner Dishes on Her Seven Chickens

Jennifer Garner Dishes on Her Seven Chickens

Over the weekend, Jennifer Garner looked flawless in a one-shoulder red velvet gown by Johanna Ortiz on the red carpet for her newest film, “The Tribes of Palos Verdes.”

“Extra’s” Mark Wright spoke to Jennifer at the premiere, where she opened up about her special pets, including seven chickens. She revealed that she sometimes walks them, saying, “I mean, if they are willing to be walked I will walk them. But chicken harnesses are a thing."

Garner also dished on her Thanksgiving plans with a little bit of humor, joking, “Well, I'm not gonna eat our chickens. But I will say... I do feel a little bad. I'm not a vegetarian. We will make a big turkey. We'll make stuffing. I'll make homemade bread. I'll make pies. I'll make cookies. I'll make veggies and whatever else.”

The mom of three, who is co-parenting with Ben Affleck, shared who’ll she been spending time with on Turkey Day, saying, “Everybody together.” Mark told her, “I just want to say you are true inspirations to everybody that's co-parenting out there," to which Jen graciously replied, “Thank you.”

Of her serious role in “The Tribes of Palos Verdes," playing a mom who’s on the edge of a nervous breakdown after her husband leaves her for another woman, Jennifer revealed, “It's about a family falling apart and it's about a child suffering from a drug addiction. And the mother is not innocent in this.”

Garner added, “She has an undiagnosed mental illness and it fuels everything… Everything about this movie was hard. We shot it in 21 days. It's one of those tiny, special movies that we shot really, really quickly.”

“The Tribes of Palos Verdes” is out December 1.