Who Is the Black Hood? ‘Riverdale’ Cast Talks Crazy Theories

Who Is the Black Hood? ‘Riverdale’ Cast Talks Crazy Theories
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A menacing villain called the Black Hood is terrorizing “Riverdale”! Who is the man with the green eyes who shot Fred Andrews, killed Mrs. Grundy, and more?! visited the set in Vancouver, where the stars talked with reporters about their craziest theories.

The Black Hood is obsessed with Betty and continues to call her and force her to do whatever he asks, like severing ties with Veronica and breaking up with Jughead.

Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, describes them as the Phantom of the Opera and Christine. “He wants to puppeteer her in order to get the town to where he wants it to be… in a very sick and manipulative way.”

She added that he wants to “expel Riverdale of its sins and he is using Betty to try and do that.”

Could he be someone close to Betty? Reinhart said she's heard a few theories. “I think mainly people think it is Betty’s dad… and also that it is Betty’s brother.”

She pointed out that at this point her onscreen brother “hasn’t been introduced, so I could see how people would conspire and think that.”

KJ Apa, who plays Archie, saw a funny theory online that Archie’s dog Vegas is the killer, adding, “I did see some pretty crazy theories. None of them have been right so far.”

The actor says fans will be “very” surprised, teasing, “The writers have been really smart in the way they've done it, because it's just really unexpected. You couldn't guess it, I don't think. But at the same time, you could guess it. Honestly, it's amazing the writers have articulated that. It's really good.”

Casey Cott plays Kevin, a character who has been named a suspect by fans, as well as his dad, Sheriff Keller. "The possibilities are endless... there are so many different scenarios of who could be the Black Hood,” Cott said. "I think they're all valid. I think they're all crazy."

Could Veronica’s parents be involved? Marisol Nichols, who plays Hermione Lodge, told the press, “I wouldn’t put anything past the Lodges at this point — I’m even surprised — but in my world, there are sort of two dangers going on in Riverdale: you’ve got the Black Hood and you’ve got what the hell are the Lodges up to? Whether or not those will cross paths, we’ll wait and see.”

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