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Henry Cavill on Working with Tom Cruise, Plus: Jason Momoa Dishes on His Wedding

Henry Cavill on Working with Tom Cruise, Plus: Jason Momoa Dishes on His Wedding

Henry Cavill is the man of steel on the big screen, the moustache man in real life!

The actor, who sported a stache on the red carpet of the “Justice League” premiere, made "Extra's" Mario Lopez a bit jealous! When Mario revealed his wish to grow a mustache, Henry replied, “I bet you could.”

“It'd be struggling,” Mario replied, but Henry showed some encouragement, saying, “You just have to commit.”

While Superman died in “Batman v Superman,” is Cavill back for more? He revealed, “I'm in the movie as an idea, as something to aspire to that lives on in the hearts of the superheroes that are left behind.”

What he could talk about a little more was working with Tom Cruise on “Mission: Impossible 6”! He gushed, “Working with Tom is amazing. He's one of those people who people don't know a lot about... When you get to work with him, he's so professional, he’s all about the story, and he's really, really funny. I genuinely like the guy. He turns up to work and he works hard and I respect that a lot.”

As for his Thanksgiving plans, he’ll be working! He said, “I’m going to be working in the UK… On 'Mission,' I can say that, so no Thanksgiving plans yet, but maybe.”

Jason Momoa also introduced Mario to his wife Lisa Bonet as they enjoyed a “date night" at the "Justice League" premiere.

Of their wedding, Jason said, “We’ve kind of been married, it’s just that we had a really great celebration, been around the world working and finally had the time to get together and bring all the tribes together, so it was really just a celebration of our love, the twelve years."

As for playing Aquaman for the first time alongside the rest of the superhero cast, Jason commented, “You kind of geek out. I was over there pinching Ben [Affleck] and pulling on his cape. It’s a bit silly 'cause you feel like, 'I’m standing next to Batman and there’s Superman and there’s Flash and I can’t believe I’m Aquaman.'”

Of his character, Jason said, “He’s been the butt of the jokes for a while and [director Zack Snyder] wanted to rev it up a bit… It was really cool to be a brown-skinned superhero.”

Jason also got the seal of approval from his kids. Lisa said, “Yes, they loved it — they have never seen anything like that before.”

Momoa also sparked rumors that he’s returning to “Game of Thrones” after he was spotted with co-star Emilia Clarke. He said, “I love my whole cast and crew over there 'cause we are very tight and they all couldn’t make it to the wedding, they were getting ready for the last season. I went over there 'cause I was in London 'cause I love them and I wanted to see them.”