'The Flash's' Tom Cavanagh Teases Council of Wells in 'When Harry Met Harry'

'The Flash's' Tom Cavanagh Teases Council of Wells in 'When Harry Met Harry'
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Fans of “The Flash” are about to meet more versions of Harrison Wells… and Tom Cavanagh will play them all!

In this week’s episode, Earth 2 Harrison Wells turns to a Council of Wells from various Earths to help solve the Thinker case.

ExtraTV.com caught up with Cavanagh in Vancouver, where he joked with reporters that he got to play “a multitude of characters, each one worse than the next.”

Tom already played several versions of Harrison last year as the team searched for H.R. “I had a bunch of those ready last year… I threw the steampunk guy, and the mime guy, and Hells Well, the Texan.”

He continued, “Business is booming when it comes to the Wells. This year, I pulled out the ones that I wanted to at least get out there right now, but we have plenty more in the pocket. When I do different characters on the show, my goal is to try and fill gaps that we have, and openings we have on the show.”

Hinting at how many different versions fans will see, he said, “We went from 10 to six to four, or so.”

One that Wells fans won’t see is Wells the Gray. He joked, “Unfortunately, one of the casualties was Wells the Gray, who was a Gandalf guy basically throwing out non sequiturs… There’s room for Wells the Gray down the line, in Season 17, when I really will be gray.”

Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco, teased, “Tom is very good at riffing on this particular character and letting us see different shades of Wells, but this just goes so over the top in such a gratifying way.”

He said shooting the scene was an “overwhelming process” as Tom transformed from one character to the next, but “for as long as it took, he sure made it a lot of fun… I think people will dig it a lot.”

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