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Charlie Sheen Defended by Corey Haim’s Mother

Charlie Sheen Defended by Corey Haim’s Mother

Earlier this week, actor Charlie Sheen faced allegations that he sexually assaulted “Lucas” co-star Corey Haim.

The National Enquirer reported that Sheen, then 19, sexually assaulted Corey, 13 at the time, on the set of “Lucas” in the mid-'80s. Dominick Brascia, a close friend of the late Haim, made the claims to the publication.

Sheen’s spokesperson told People magazine, “He absolutely denies the claim.”

Corey’s mother Judy also shut down the claim, telling Dr. Oz in a sit-down interview, “I would have known if anything was wrong. My kid hid nothing, he was like… transparent. He never hid anything, he was Corey. It’s out of character, that’s number one.”

“When my son was 13, he’s not going to go and ask Charlie Sheen to go and sleep with him,” she argued. Along with defending Charlie, Judy pointed the finger at Brascia, accusing him of sexually abusing Corey, saying, “I have to tell you, that this guy Dominick is the guy that abused my son.”

At the end of today’s episode of “The Dr. Oz Show,” Dr. Oz said, “We reached out to Dominick Brascia to respond to the allegations made against him by Corey Haim's mother Judy. He did not return our calls and messages.”

Last year, Brascia denied the allegations that he sexually assaulted Haim, writing on Twitter, “I’ve said it’s not true over a dozen times. I even have proof. Still death threats.”

“Extra” also spoke with Dr. Oz, who called Judy a “forceful woman” after revealing Brascia’s name. He also shared his thoughts on pedophilia and the sexual assault scandals that have been making headlines. Watch!