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Reality Star Nicole Curtis Claps Back at Mommy Shamers Over Son Harper

“Rehab Addict” star Nicole Curtis has been criticized for her decision to breastfeed her son Harper, 30 months.

Curtis argued to People TV, “I keep saying, it’s not like he’s 7 or 8 — he’s still a baby.”

“Every single day I have to weather criticism about how my child is too old to breastfeed,” Curtis emphasized. “But when he weans, it’s going to be his decision. I truly believe it’s the child’s choice.”

Curtis is in the middle of a two-year custody battle with her ex, Shane Maguire, 54. They currently have joint custody of Harper, but visitation has been tough, due to the breastfeeding.

She revealed, “He had never had a bottle before, and then all of a sudden that was his only option while he was with his dad. I had no idea that a judge could say, ‘You’re court ordered to not feed your exclusively breastfed child. It’s important that children have both of their parents. But [preventing] me from breastfeeding my child just so he can see the dad is not right.”

Maguire accused Curtis of breastfeeding Harper to make it difficult to see their son, which she has denied. She added, “I’ve always been a fighter. If something’s not right, I’m the first person to stand up. And I don’t believe that my child should have to wean because of our situation.”

Maguire’s attorney told People magazine that Harper took formula via a bottle when he was six months old.

Despite not seeing eye to eye, Nicole and Shane are taking steps toward a custody agreement. She shared, “We’re working on it. We’re just trying to take the temperature down a lot. It’s still not perfect or even close, but it’s better.”

As for now, Curtis is using an electric breast pump to keep her milk supply up when Harper is in Maguire’s custody.