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Alec & Hilaria Baldwin on Baby #4, Plus: His 'Tough' Gig as Trump on ‘SNL’

Alec & Hilaria Baldwin on Baby #4, Plus: His 'Tough' Gig as Trump on ‘SNL’

Last night, it was an all-star tribute to Elton John in honor of the 25th year of his foundation. The event brought out the stars, including Alec and Hilaria Baldwin.

The couple stepped out for a date night, just days after announcing they are expecting their fourth child together. They gave “Extra’s” AJ Calloway their first interview about the news.

Hilaria admitted she is battling some sickness, saying, “The nausea's been not great, but not terrible.” Alec was still “truly stunned,” sharing, “I am one kid away from the unthinkable, which is having as many kids as my dad. This will be my fifth child.”

The couple is having another baby boy. Hilaria revealed that she took the pregnancy test with her girlfriend, then called Alec. Alec smiled, admitting, “It’s all a blur to me now.”

This past weekend, Alec appeared on “SNL” as President Trump, but pointed out that reprising the role week after week is not easy. He said, “Doing it is getting tough.”

With the seriousness of the investigation with Russia, Baldwin commented, “No matter how you feel about the President, getting rid of the President is ugly and tough for the country. Having to do this to Trump is a really horrible thing. Now having said that, they're probably gonna wait until after the holidays to do that. They are not going to put the country through that during Thanksgiving and Christmas. They don’t want the country to go through a massive depression, so they’ll wait.”

President Trump has denied that he or any members of his Administration have been involved with Russia.