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Mark Wahlberg Clears the Air on ‘Boogie Nights’ Comments

Mark Wahlberg Clears the Air on ‘Boogie Nights’ Comments

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell as they promoted their new film, “Daddy’s Home 2.”

Along with spreading the word on the comedy, Mark addressed his recent comments about “Boogie Nights” being his one big career regret. He said, “With my wife and kids, that’s a tough movie to explain.”

Though Will praised the movie, Mark went on, “It would be hard for me to make that movie today.”

When Renee asked when he’ll tell his kids about the movie, Mark replied, “When they ask. I'm not going to bring it up.”

The two are bringing their bromance to the big screen, with Mark admitting, “It’s hard to kind of call it work. Lots of fun, lots of laughter.” Will added, “Lots of kissing. Can’t the world have more kissing?”

Mark and Will are joined in the film by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow, who play grandpas. John commented that there is “father-son kissing.” Mel emphasized that it was “part of the gig.”

As for embracing their roles, John joked, “It turns out that getting old is a fabulous thing for actors. All your competition has fallen away.”

Renee also spoke with John Cena, who is returning for the sequel. In response to rumors that he's retiring from the WWE, John said, “I don’t know who is starting those rumors, but I need to snuff those out.”

“Daddy’s Home 2” hits theaters November 10.