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Jason Momoa’s Lifelong Dream to Host ‘SNL’ — Can Ben Affleck Help?

Jason Momoa’s Lifelong Dream to Host ‘SNL’ — Can Ben Affleck Help?

The most iconic superheroes of all time are finally sharing the screen — Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, along with The Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. “Extra’s” Mark Wright caught up with the cast in London, speaking with Ben Affleck, Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa.

Jason, who plays Aquaman, sat down for his first interview since news broke of his secret wedding to longtime love Lisa Bonet. When Mark congratulated Jason on the wedding, he replied, "Thank you."

What’s up next on Jason’s bucket list after marrying his love and reinventing a classic superhero on screen? He said, “I don't want an Oscar, I don't want an award for anything. I'll give all my action figures back, all I've ever wanted…” Ben chimed in, guessing, “You want to host 'SNL'?” Jason continued, ”All I've ever wanted to do my whole life is... the only thing me and my wife watch... I've loved this as a kid, I love ‘SNL’ and it is my goal. I want to get on that sh*t next year for Aquaman.”

Ben, who happens to be dating ‘SNL’ producer Lindsay Shookus, told Jason, “You should've told me — you could've gone on it for ‘Justice League’ this year.”

Jason added, “I love ‘SNL.’ That’s definitely my dream come true.”

Ben, who has hosted “SNL” five times, is suiting up as Batman again, but is still reluctant to confirm how much longer he will play the Dark Knight, saying, “If you count 'Suicide Squad,' it's three.” When Mark asked if he will make it five times just like he made hosting "SNL" a five-time (so far!) gig, Ben answered, “I don't know about that. We'll see what the future holds.”

What he does know is that his co-stars are living up to the test of becoming superheroes! Ben raved, “They're wildly exceeded any expectations. Both these guys are amazing. Ezra was great. Gal, of course, was amazing in 'Wonder Woman' and 'Batman v Superman' and in this. It was just a great group of actors to surround myself with and let them do all the work.”

Ray smiled, saying, “Now we can pay him off... thanks, Ben.”

Jason and Ray also shared what it was like to put on the superhero uniform every day. Ray, who plays Cyborg, said, “For me, it felt really comfortable. These guys had the rough job of putting on the tight, contracting suits, mine was CGI, so I was in a onesie, pajamas for most of my day.”

Jason chimed in, “It’s super cool, I have young children, and it’s neat for them to see Papa. It’s just the perfect age. I never thought in a million years I would be playing Aquaman. It’s been an honor.”

“Justice League” opens in theaters November 17.