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Enrique Iglesias Dishes on His Tour and Why He’s Never Joined a Reality Singing Show

Enrique Iglesias Dishes on His Tour and Why He’s Never Joined a Reality Singing Show

Only “Extra” was backstage with Enrique Iglesias at his Enrique and Pitbull Live tour stop in L.A.!

Enrique opened up about touring with Pitbull, his pre-show and after-show rituals, and why he hasn’t joined a reality show like “American Idol” or “The Voice.”

Iglesias told our co-host Renee Bargh of the tour, “It feels unbelievable… I've got good fans, good loyal fans.”

He also admitted that it is Pitbull who is bringing the sexy on this tour.

“Pit is the sexier man,” he joked, adding, “It's been so much fun. We've been on the road for seven years together we're good friends. It's cool to tour with friends.”

The 42-year-old revealed his pre-show ritual before taking the stage, “Just a few shots of rum to calm… okay, two, just two.”

What about after the concert? “I need to rest, I got to go to sleep… no partying on this tour.”

Enrique also revealed that while always rumored to be a top pick as a new coach or judge for reality competition shows, he actually doesn’t have any interest in them.

“I need to be home,” said the star, who is dating Anna Kournikova. “I live in Miami. I don't like to be away from home for two, three weeks. I got to make sure I'm there with my dogs and the people that I love… I'd rather watch it.”

So what else does he watch at home? “Well, I love ‘60 Minutes,’ which tells you I'm getting old. I watch ‘Extra’ — I watch you a lot.”

Now, fans get to watch him onstage, “For two and a half hours they're going to forget about all the bad things, all the negative stuff and just have a good time, that's what it's all about.”

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