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Carson Daly’s Stepfather Richard Caruso Dies

Carson Daly has suffered another loss in his family — his stepfather Richard Caruso has died.

His mother died unexpectedly five weeks ago after suffering a heart attack. She was 73.

Carson shared the news on Instagram, writing, "Pops passed away today with absolute dignity & pride. The greatest man we ever knew. Our hero. He exemplified great faith, loyalty to family & hard work. He provided us all with so much. We’re grateful. His legacy lives on in all of us & anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him. He’s reunited with mom now. Our faith remains strong. Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers."

His "Today" show family also posted their condolences, along with a photo of Pattie, Carson and Richard.

Fans knew something was wrong when Carson opened up to a fan on Twitter about why he had missed the “Today” show. He wrote, “Short story, been a rough month for my fam. Mom passing. Dad’s health in peril. Just finished shooting NEXT season of Voice. Back Thursday.”

Carson was close with Richard and credited golf for their strong bond.

In 2016, Daly told Kingdom magazine, “My relationship with my stepfather is as strong as it is today because of the game of golf. He never tried to force anything in creating a relationship with me and my sister [Quinn] — we called him ‘Richard’ for a long time until we felt comfortable — but he led by example. The guy went to work and supported our family, and after a while you think, ‘This guy’s pretty solid.’”

Carson continued, “He played golf on Sundays and we would go to the club. I got lessons; didn’t like it at first and it wasn’t the greatest thing, but he never pushed it on me. And then the summer before my freshman year in high school I got bit by the golf bug. I came to the sport, and that summer all I wanted to do was golf.”

Carson was 6 when his dad Jim Daly died from bladder cancer.