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McKayla Maroney Reveals She Was Molested at Age 13

McKayla Maroney Reveals She Was Molested at Age 13

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney has joined the growing list of famous women who have come forward with their stories of sexual harassment, assault and rape.

On Wednesday, Maroney accused Dr. Larry Nassar of molesting her. She wrote in a statement on Twitter, "It started when I was 13 years old, at one of my first National Team training camps, in Texas, and didn’t end until I left the sport.”

Maroney claimed that Nassar would find any way to treat her. She said, "For me, the scariest night of my life happened when I was 15 years old. I had flown all day and night with the team to get to Tokyo. [Nassar had] given me a sleeping pill for the flight, and the next thing I know, I was all alone with him in his hotel room getting a ‘treatment.’ I thought I was going to die that night.”

Nassar has been accused of sexual assault by over 80 women. He is also facing more than 30 charges of criminal sexual conduct in Michigan, USA Today reports.

In July, he plead guilty to three charges of child pornography, according to ABC News.

Two years ago, Nassar was fired by USA Gymnastics after nearly 30 years with the organization. In February, Team USA Gymnastics addressed the allegations against Nassar, saying, "Regarding Dr. Larry Nassar, USA Gymnastics is appalled that anyone would exploit a young athlete or child in the manner alleged. We are grateful to the athletes that brought their concerns about Dr. Nassar to USA Gymnastics.”

Nassar’s lawyer has not responded to Maroney’s abuse claims.

Aside from Maroney, America Ferrera also revealed that she was sexually assaulted as a child. She wrote on Instagram, "First time I can remember being sexually assaulted I was 9-years-old. I told no one and lived with the shame and guilt thinking all along that I, a 9-year-old child, was somehow responsible for the actions of a grown man.”

"I had to see this man on a daily basis for years to come. He would smile at me and wave, and I would hurry past him, my blood running cold, my guts carrying the burden of what only he & I knew — that he expected me to shut my mouth and smile back,” Ferrera wrote.