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Daniel Radcliffe’s Jaw-Dropping Weight Loss in ‘Jungle’ — See the Clip!

Check out Daniel Radcliffe’s dramatic transformation in an exclusive clip from his upcoming movie “Jungle.”

In the film, Radcliffe plays Yossi, a 21-year-old explorer who goes missing for three weeks in a rainforest. For the movie, Radcliffe dropped weight by eating just one boiled egg a day for almost two months.

Yossi Ghinsberg, the real-life trekker who inspired the movie, revealed the extreme measures that Daniel went through, telling The Mirror, "He was starving himself. He didn’t have to. He was pretty thin to begin. But he wanted to feel what I did. He could not be there with a full tummy, eating steak and pretending he was starving in the jungle. He wanted to feel hungry. It was quite admirable to see him surviving on one hard boiled egg when there was a chef on site and nice food.”

Yossi lost 35 pounds during his near-death experience in the jungle.

“Jungle” hits theaters and On Demand / Digital HD October 20.