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Gerard Butler Opens Up About Scary Motorcycle Accident

Gerard Butler Opens Up About Scary Motorcycle Accident

Gerard Butler was busy promoting his new movie “Geostorm,” just days after cheating death.

The actor sat down with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour, breaking the news to her that he had just been in a motorcycle accident a week ago.

Butler told Terri it happened when someone made a U-turn right in front of him, “I did 30 foot through the air, I did a somersault and landed right on my knees and my feet and I cracked five bones here… two micro fractures, torn meniscus and a lot of soft tissue damage.”

Gerard, who has pushed through and continued to work despite the injuries, told Terri about his role in “Geostorm.” In his latest movie, it is up to him to save the world from a deadly weather system. “It’s a fictional story but it definitely has become unbelievably timely.”

He joked that he would not be prepared himself if a natural disaster were to happen, “Absolutely not, no… someone needs to write a script for me, build a set, put a camera in there, then I’m the biggest hero on the planet, but if you ask me to organize stuff really, I think I’m a hero in terms of spirit brave, but I’m not organized.”

“Geostorm” opens in theaters October 20.