Jimmy Kimmel Would Love to Have Trump on His Show — What Would He Ask Him?

Jimmy Kimmel Would Love to Have Trump on His Show — What Would He Ask Him?

Jimmy Kimmel is taking over Brooklyn!

The late-night host, who is bringing his show to the city for a week, sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway after an emotional few months.

Kimmel is not afraid to tell his audience how he feels, wearing his heart on his sleeve several times over the past few months, including while fighting for health care for all after his son Billy was born with a heart condition. Giving AJ an update, Jimmy said, “Billy is doing great. He is very healthy and he is going to have another operation soon; they believe that will go great and he will have another operation when he is about 10 years old, but he is doing very well."

Shedding tears on his show when the recent Las Vegas shooting happened, Kimmel told "Extra" the incident hit home for him since he grew up in the city. “It’s a terrible tragedy, and we still don’t know why it happened," he said. "I don’t think we will ever know why it happened. It’s just so very sad and I hope that we do something that it doesn’t happen ever again." He confirmed he plans to head back to the city soon.

Of late-night hosts using their platforms to say how they feel, even when it comes to politics, Kimmel said, “Fact is, we are human beings just like everybody else, and if something is on my mind — or on the mind of any of these hosts — I hope people feel comfortable sharing that.” As for what he would ask President Trump if he came on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," he said, “His position on a number of subjects has changed since he started running for president; I would just want to go through them and find out why... Position on gun control has changed, his position on climate change has changed..."

One thing that hasn't changed — Kimmel told AJ he loves being in Brooklyn. “It’s different. There is a lot of energy here, we eat a lot, we have a lot of fun." Kimmel's got a fun lineup of guests, including former late-night host David Letterman! "He used to host a talk show, now he is going to be the guest on one." How'd he nab him? "We just asked... It’s exciting to have him on. He doesn’t do a lot of stuff." Same goes for guest Howard Stern, "who you have to pull him kicking and screaming into a talk show."

Along with Letterman and Stern, Kimmel promised crooner Tony Bennett and many more "surprises."

Watch "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" live from Brooklyn for a week starting Monday, October 16.