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Goldie Hawn Recalls Unwanted Sexual Advances as a Dancer

Goldie Hawn Recalls Unwanted Sexual Advances as a Dancer

Goldie Hawn stepped out Wednesday night to support the opening of JustDance L.A. and spoke with “Extra” about the Harvey Weinstein scandal rocking Hollywood.

She said, “I don’t know Harvey very well — I never worked for him. Obviously, he had a reputation, but you never know 'cause you don’t know firsthand.” She added, “I guess the devil gets his due at some point.”

Goldie went on to say, “It’s very important that women are brave enough to come out and talk about these things,” and explained she had experienced unwanted sexual advances when she was younger.

“When I was a dancer, I had so many men accost me,” Hawn said. “One opened his thing in an elevator, another was masturbating while I was dancing… I think we women have to be brave enough to stand up.”

She went on, “Now it isn’t just women talking, it’s also men and really standing up together and knowing that this is not appropriate and it should not be anywhere, not just in our business, but any business.”